Monday, September 12, 2011

Strips and Stripes

…for a rag rug.

Easy Cuts With A Nice Sharp Blade
I’m finally able to work on the rag rug that will sit in front of the fireplace. I have my material all sewn together and cut into ½ inch strips - now it’s time to dress the loom. I have four colors for the warp and I think I will thread them in the following order:

DB = Dark Brown
GR = Green
MB = Med Brown
BL = Aqua

DB-4/GR-2/MB-6/BL-4 // DB-2/GR-6/MB-4/BL-2 // DB-6/GR-4/MB-2/BL-6

The Warp Colors
The way the different colors of material (5 colors/patterns) are sewn together, the length of  the repeat, and the overall width of the rug itself, should lend to a very interesting pattern when the rug is finished. Fingers crossed, fingers crossed!

On The Shuttles

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Mary E.Dadds said...

Glad to see you posted.The rug looks really interesting.Cant wait to see the finished product.
Glad your feeling better and sleeping better.Thanks for posting about that.