Sunday, January 31, 2010


The holidays are well over but my Christmas tree still stands. The plan is to take it down over the course of this coming week - after work. Yes, I have a new full-time job. Tell you about it later.

All of the scarves

This year for Christmas gifts I wove scarves for everyone in my immediate family. Dad got the gray alpaca scarf that you see in the last October '09 entry, "Weaving With Alpaca" - (hmm, the last entry, period!). I wove lace for the first time for mom, brother got a dashing bamboo scarf in the "Earl's Canvas" pattern by Marjie Thompson from "Twill Thrills: The Best of Weaver's" and my nephew got a snazzy blue/gray scarf in a pattern that I created. I was planning to weave a (-------) for my sister, but she told me that she wanted an iPod for Christmas - so I got her that. I really wouldn't have had the time to do the weaving anyway, since I totally forgot to purchase the yarn for the project! Now that would have been embarrassing. Thank you Apple :)  Her scarf from '07 is the black one above with the white stripes. I have the yarn now for the project for my sister. I'm going to start it soon, after I complete a scarf on order for a friend of mine.