Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Harvest: Japanese Indigo Seeds

I left a few of the Japanese Indigo plants in the ground so their flowers would have a chance to mature and produce some fresh seed for next year. Now it's time to harvest.

Fresh Japanese Indigo Seeds from the Garden

One thing I found interesting: the stubs (down to the ground) of the harvested plants sprouted back up and they too have produced flowers. Already! I was going to dig up a few to bring inside to mature, but after picking through, I think I have plenty. I understand that is one way to get seeds when the weather outside starts getting chilly. I guess they do a decent job of self-pollinating in the warmth of home.

Now they need to dry for a day or so and then I'll store them in a paper bag until time to plant in late winter.

So much fun :)
Full of Seeds
The Indigo Forest