Friday, January 23, 2009

More Mohair For Kay

Fuzzy Mohair Meets Loopy Mohair

Here is the last mohair scarf for Kay. This one belongs to her! The warp is the same blue/purple mix as on these here, but she requested that the weft be black. I used Webs Stirling Mohair which is a loop-type mohair. At 500 yards per 8oz skein at $20, well, you can't beat that!

I love how the loops peek out from the colorful warp threads. It gives the scarf an extra fuzzy feel and look. When Kay walked around the corner to my desk she just stopped and said wow! She threw it around her neck and proceeded to sport it around the office. I was able to seize her for a quick photo shoot in the front lobby:

... and this is Kay.

This time around I had no issues with the weaving. No broken warp threads, minimal shedding (even though the reed I'm using is still a narrow 12 dent - I really need to get that 5 dent soon).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Something For Me

I have been weaving for almost 2 years now and finally decided to take the time and weave something for myself. And here it is:

It was based on the design from this scarf, so again, the warp is mainly 50% bamboo (black) / 50% cotton (black/brown 2 ply) and the weft is 100% bamboo (black). But in the warp I added a few threads of lemongrass and pompeii bamboo with some tweeded silk.

After twisting the fringe, I tossed it in the washing machine, on the hand-wash cycle, and spun the water out. Then I dried it, laying it out flat on some towels. Finished and dry, it's about 82" long :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Forget To Sample

This scarf is so long. I meant to weave a few samples, but I started weaving and just never stopped until I ran out of warp. When it came from the loom, the fabric was like cardboard. I couldn't wait to see if it would soften up after finishing so I didn't even bother with twisting the fringe. I washed it in cool water and rinsed with a bit of fabric softner - still stiff. A few minutes in the dryer and it started to relax. Then I hit it with the iron and then left it to dry overnight. It's a very dense fabric. Most of it is a silk tweed - pretty nubby - the rest is an acid green bamboo yarn - both from Webs.

I took it to work today and Corina kept it snug around her neck most of the day. I found it back on my desk about 4pm. She may wind up taking it - I promised I wouldn't let anyone else have it until she made up her mind :)

This was one of those 'let me see how this will work out' projects. I should have done a sample first, but everyone seems to like it. I was thinking I'd cut it up and piece it back together for a shabby-chic pillow cover, but I guess today was it's lucky day. The peeps at work convinced me it's a nice scarf worthy of someones neck!

Now I'll start on that fringe. . .