Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Don't Forget To Sample

This scarf is so long. I meant to weave a few samples, but I started weaving and just never stopped until I ran out of warp. When it came from the loom, the fabric was like cardboard. I couldn't wait to see if it would soften up after finishing so I didn't even bother with twisting the fringe. I washed it in cool water and rinsed with a bit of fabric softner - still stiff. A few minutes in the dryer and it started to relax. Then I hit it with the iron and then left it to dry overnight. It's a very dense fabric. Most of it is a silk tweed - pretty nubby - the rest is an acid green bamboo yarn - both from Webs.

I took it to work today and Corina kept it snug around her neck most of the day. I found it back on my desk about 4pm. She may wind up taking it - I promised I wouldn't let anyone else have it until she made up her mind :)

This was one of those 'let me see how this will work out' projects. I should have done a sample first, but everyone seems to like it. I was thinking I'd cut it up and piece it back together for a shabby-chic pillow cover, but I guess today was it's lucky day. The peeps at work convinced me it's a nice scarf worthy of someones neck!

Now I'll start on that fringe. . .

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