Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time To Get Dressed

The loom, that is! It's really embarrassing to say, but I still have a Christmas present to weave. I keep putting it off, telling my friend 'Oh, it's almost done'. Hmmm. I have decided that I'm going to finish and deliver it by this coming Sunday! Here is the proposed schedule:
  • Last evening I finished winding the warp
  • This evening is the reed and maybe some of the heddles
  • Tomorrow I'll finish the heddles, test my threading and beam the warp
  • Thursday start weaving
Bambu 7 warp - color 'Ash'
The yarn is 100% bamboo from Cotton Clouds - their thicker Bambu 7. EPI will be set at 20. The pattern and colors will be the exact same as for my brother's Christmas scarf in the "Earl's Canvas" pattern by Marjie Thompson from "Twill Thrills: The Best of Weaver's". I love this pattern. I may have to weave it for myself one day.

Off I go...

10:20pm, Mar 16, and the reed is sleyed

 10:16pm, Mar 17, and the heddles are (partially) threaded
7:48pm, Mar 20, and the heddles are threaded

What can I say, other than I have always disliked threading heddles. So hard on the back. Gotta find another way! Any ideas?

I have to stop now. Won't make the deadline, but at least I know I'll have it done by midweek. Right now I need to get away from the loom. I think I'm going to play for a while on the wheel.