Sunday, November 21, 2010

Organizing The Studio

It is high time to organize the studio. Most of the paper mess has been shredded and either added to the backyard composter, or sent for recycling.

What A Mess!

The shelving unit for the closet area is Ivar from IKEA. The closet doors will be coming from The Home Depot. I'm staining the shelving unit in a deep rich red mahagony - even though it will be hiding behind closet doors. But that's alright. It will look nice when the doors are opened...

I had originally decided to paint the whole room a medium blue, but, ah! I changed my mind. I went with a few walls in Ralph Lauren - Regent Metallics. Color: Duchess Blue. The other walls I'll paint with 'regular' paint in a light neutral color. Maybe something like this. The trim is in classic white!

I still need to create a little door for access to the plumbing and bathtub that are located in the next room. There was a smaller opening when I bought the house but I opened it up more for easier access. It was just drywall though so I want to build a 'real' door out of wood. It'll need a knob too, to keep the cats out. They love to get in there and play hide and seek, but I'm worried that someone may get stuck back there one day. Right now it's sealed off with a board and weights :)

The shelving unit in this little cubby-hole is LACK, from IKEA. It came in a shiny white laminate and it's going to stay that way. This is where I'll keep some of my soap making supplies. Right now SweetGeorgia has populated this space.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Colors of Fall

Azalea Bonsai
Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather and the smell in the air. And of course I love the colors of fall. I'm not so bonkers about the time change though.

A lot of the leaves on the trees have already fallen, but here is some color from the potted plants on the deck.

Hosta Turns Pumpkin

Azalea Buds for Next Year's Bloom

Thread-leaf Maple

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Basket Weaving Workshop

Chain Motif on Basket

Yesterday (Nov 13) was an exciting day. The Guild had a workshop with Margaret Trussel of Vulcan's Rest Fibers - a basket weaving lesson for beginners.

We met bright and early at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Margaret brought a lot of materials with her. She even brought a huge amount of woven baskets for us to admire. Me? I brought some supplies too (coffee, tea, hot water heater, pumpkin pie and lunch for Margaret). What I didn't bring? My camera :(

Originally the idea was that we'd be weaving a tote basket with straps. I skipped the part about adding straps. I just wanted a basket to sit on the floor in the studio - filled with yarn, or a cat or two.

Basket Base


One of the great things about this workshop is that Margaret brought supplies in many different colors and sizes so everyone finished up with a different looking basket at the end of the day. Mine is rather understated, simple, clean. I also tried my best to get tight edges from the beginning. As I worked my way up the basket, I continued to kept it tight so that I'd get some draw-in. This way the base of the basket is slightly larger than the top. Closer to the top I started letting things relax a bit so the top part would have straight sides. I really like how it turned out...

Ta dah!
Fjola, Caught In The Act! :)