Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sixty Scarves For 60 Years

As a member of the Weavers' Guild of Greater Baltimore, I'm very proud to announce that I have 2 scarf patterns published in a book that the guild has published! You may remember the post about "The Great Scarf Exchange". I wove 2 scarves for this event and both scarves are now featured in the book Sixty Scarves for 60 Years.

Very exciting, indeed!

Read the wonderful review by Claudia of Weavolution.

In our January meeting, those of us who participated and wove scarves for the exchange/book were assigned a number (or two numbers) and we each in turn received a scarf that was featured in the book. We were to open the boxed scarves right then and there just in case anyone received a scarf that they wove - they could give it back in exchange for another scarf. The two scarves that I received were woven by two fascinating women, Monica Kelly and Mary Pflueger.

The scarf by Monica Kelly is simply called "Deflected Double Weave". It's on page 32 of the book and is an 8-shaft weave in 18/2 Jaggerspun Wool/Silk. The colors are cream and a light steel green. Monica weaves wonderful scarves, but considers herself a tapestry weaver. Her work is amazing! She was also featured in the March/April issue of Handwoven in the Designing Women series.

The scarf by Mary Pflueger, called "Kaleidoscope", is on page 74 and is a Shadow Weave that requires 10 shafts. The fiber for this lovely scarf is 60/2 Silk in vibrant blues! Mary also wove a scarf that was featured in the gallery show at the Howard County Center for the Arts - it won first place for scarves!

I should also mention that the rag rug that I wove won third place in the gallery show in the rug category.

Monday, February 1, 2010

SweetGeorgia Yarns: The Fiber Club

One of my favorite 'little yarn shops' is SweetGeorgia Yarns, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I had the great fortune of being able to take a long weekend trip to visit there in October of '08 for the shops first-year anniversary.

Since then, and perhaps even before then, Felicia, the shop owner, has introduced a Fiber Club. When you sign up, what you pay for is 3 shipments of spinning fiber (one arrives each month for 3 months). You have no idea what you're going to get and you sort of forget about it until you arrive home and there is this package laying at your doorstep. The one for December arrived in plenty of time to be wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree :)

What you get for your money is so worth it! We're not talking spinning samples here - you get a full sized braid/twist/chunk of fiber.

The November mailing was a trio of fiber: one each of Superwash Bluefaced Leicester, Superwash Merino, and Wensleydale, all dyed up in a new colorway called "Sea to Sky". The description said "...the colour of crisp sky blues, frostbitten forests and icy cool waters." Nice!

November '09 Fiber Club
December was a nice surprise of Falkland wool. Dyed up in the colorway "Winter Spice", Felicia describes the colorway as "all the things that get me through the cold days of winter. Chai tea. Gingerbread lattes. Cardamom-scented sugar cookies. Mulled apple cider."

December '09 Fiber Club
The mailing for January contained a super purple blend of Superwash Merino and Tencel (50/50). Presented in the colorway "Frozen Crocus", the fiber was described as "...delicate, frosty coloured purples and lavenders. Chilly mornings and plenty of Westcoast rain."

January '10 Fiber Club
In each package you also receive a card with information about that months mailing. Included is a description of the fiber itself, the colorway, the inspiration and some very helpful spinning thoughts.

November '09 Fiber Club 'Info Card'

All in all, I think SweetGeorgia Yarns' Fiber Club is an awesome deal. As a matter of fact, I just purchased my second subscription last evening (which was the deadline for the Feb/Mar/Apr '10 lots).

Can't wait to see what Felicia cooks up this go-round!