Friday, August 7, 2009

No, Not Knots Of Yarn

Sunday, August 2, I threw out my back. Not into the garbage or anything like that. Although that is sometimes how it feels. On Tuesday, I was able to get a quick 5 minute massage from a good friend who knows what she's doing. She was able to find the kinks in my back and smudge them away. Been drinking plenty of water all week, pray I don't float away.

Wednesday night I was not able to sleep much - had a coughing spell that messed up my back, again.

I'm waiting to hear back (hehe) from the Chiropractor to see what can be done. I'm not much for taking synthetic meds created 'en masse', but I'll say this - I did break down and took some Bayer: Back & Body (Dr. Sullivan would not approve). I only took 1 tab at a time instead of the recommended 2 and I only consumed a total of 4 over a 16-hour period and they still made me a bit loopy and hazy in the head so I decided to stop taking them.

I usually use a product made from Arnica gel to ease away muscle pains/sprains, but this time I think things were too deep in my back for it to reach.

Patiently waiting, by the phone.

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