Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival - pt. 2

Sunday, May 4, 2008
So today, I was ready for the swarm. I had it all planned out. If Route 32 was backed up 3 miles, I knew of a shortcut that I could take to get me in faster - and it would work too! But also in the back of my mind I knew it was supposed to have rained Saturday night into Sunday morning and that didn't happen. So I thought perhaps that a lot of people went on Saturday because of this? Yes. This is exactly what happened. There was no traffic. The parking lot was only a quarter full. I could breathe today. I could talk to the vendors. Yippee!!! This was going to be a wonderful day. And it was.

First stop - the ATM.

Second stop - a little yarn shop (don't remember the name). They were selling Rowan Plaid for $5 a ball!!! What? And I missed this yesterday? Aw, shucks. All the great colors were gone! This stuff usually sells up to $15 a ball. Webs has it for $8.50 a ball (I currently have 30 balls, 3 different shades, 10 balls each, still waiting to be knit into soft squishy sweaters - I'll get to it - I promise!). I decided I didn't need anymore, so I walked away thinking if I remember to go back later in the day and they still have some, I'd then use that as my 'okay, it's okay' to buy more. Tee he he he...

Back to what I needed. I didn't want to get lost in the excitement and forget I needed things, so I wrote it down this time: new bobbins / belt for drum carder / heddles / fringe twister. I went right to The Mannings booth in the main exibition hall. I found Thomas Knisely (who may be my weaving instructor later this summer) and he was able to help me with some of what I wanted. The drum carder was still the problem - it needs a new belt. I found a place whos store is right down the street from where I live. So, I was done with what I needed and now I could play some more...

I found Alpacas. LIVE Alpacas.

My nose is so soft!
Where were they yesterday? In the same place but I couldn't see them for all the people. But the difference today was that I would be able to speak with the breeders and get some valuable information. You see, I have this dream of living on a farm and raising/selling Alpacas. Who knows? It could not hurt to ask questions and all of the people I spoke with were so friendly and helpful. I now have many invitations to visit their farms in Northern Maryland. Imagine that!

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