Saturday, March 19, 2011

Crammed Heddles = Broken Warp Threads

Tencel Cross
Yi-kiddy yikes! I started threading heddles from the back of the loom - from the right hand side. There's a definite center mark where the heddles cannot cross. When I got to the center of the draft, there were still a lot of heddles that were on that side. I know I should have moved them, but, I didn't

I started threading from the center onwards to the left - leaving a jumble of heddles just to the right of the center line. Big, AWEsome, HUGE mistake!

What Was I Thinking?
Once I started weaving, the tencel thread rubbed against those heddles and snap! I usually start from the middle of my draft and thread in each direction so there is never this issue.

So, I wonder! What do you do when you're threading heddles? Do you count from the center out in both directions? Do you count the number of heddles you need on each shaft and move the extras out of the way?

Pattern Coming Into View

Now I'm going to unweave and rethread that side and start over.

When I see these two little munchkins asleep on the bed, it makes it all okay  :)

Maxwell and Fjola
That's My Little Girl! Fjola: Icelandic for Violet


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Love those colors, did you get it right in the end ?
What sweet faces, hmmm.

Restless Knitter said...

I count the heddles from the center and move the extras out of the way to the sides. That gives me the same number of heddles on each side of the shaft so the weight is evenly distributed. Let's say I need 50 heddles for shaft 1. I count 25 from the center, then put the remainder way off to the side. I then thread from one side to the other, starting at the edge, not the center. If I miscount, I'm usually only off by one or two on one side, which I can pull one from the extras. I can't remember which loom you have but on all the ones I've had, I've been able to unhook the heddle bar and slide them to the other side of the center point if I had to.

Love the cute little kitties :)

Lynnette said...

When I used a loom with a fixed center (Leclerc looms) I popped the center S hook attaching wires out of the shafts while I threaded, this allowed me to thread from right to left without worrying about the heddles, the shafts were a bit springy, but not enough to cause problems. If there were a bunch of heddles left on the left side of the loom I tightly tied them to the shaft's sides. Then I just popped the S hooks back in place on the shafts and it was done. Another great solution to having too many heddles left in the middle is to add and empty heddle to each shaft at each pattern repeat, this means if you do misthread you have heddles ready to be threaded every pattern repeat.