Friday, July 9, 2010

Acid Green Disaster!!! :(

Ugh! What have I done? The scarf for Melissa was turning out horribly hideous so I stopped! Perhaps a picture or two in a later post.

I'm seeing her for dinner tonight and again tomorrow for a picnic lunch with the (former & present) gang from Icelandair.

I have recently joined an online study group for crackle weave and I will talk with her about a different design using this technique. I'll see what she thinks about getting rid of the royal blue and red and picking up orange and purple.

I do still have the one scarf for myself to complete, which is the same threading as what is on the loom now, so I'll bust that out and then get on with the crackle.

So, more on that, later...


Anonymous said...

hi Donald,

oh, how frustrating ~ could you maybe overdye it?
did you work for Iceland Air?
we enjoyed a really nice, friendly flight with Iceland air to London in 2002.

janeen (WGGB)
(janeenba in Ravelry)

WeaveThings said...

Hi Janeen,

I guess I could overdye it and then give it to someone else. My friend Melissa did choose something else, in the crackle weave that I showed her - so that is what I'm gonna do for her.

I worked for Icelandair for 14 years in Columbia, MD, before they decided to move to office up to Boston. Needless to say, I decided to take my chances and stay here.

Donald :)

Bev said...

Hi Donald, I tried to find that online study group for crackle weave, but it doesn't show up with that link. Do you have another way to get to it? They had double weave and a couple other things there, though.


WeaveThings said...

Hi Bev - here is the direct link to the crackle forum section:

Happy Weaving