Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Playing With The... Stand Mixer?

Yes, that's right! I have been playing with the KitchenAid mixer. Making butter! Cindy and I were talking at work about making 'things', and I got to wondering, if you could make butter with a KitchenAid mixer. Well, you can! It can be a little messy mind you, but you can make butter - yummy home made butter. Now, making butter is a rather expensive thing to do, unless you live near a farm (or have your own), because the cost of heavy cream is generally more than purchasing butter out right. But what the hey? I wanted to try it. So, I did.

Once again, I didn't take pictures of the process. I was not planning on posting it. WeaveThings / Butter? Hmm, but I say again, what the hey?

I did do a little test. I purchased 3 pints of organic heavy cream. Let them sit out to reach close to room temperature. Then one I poured into the Black & Decker food processor with the plastic blade. It fluffed up super quick and then just stopped. I had to keep taking off the top and scraping the foam down. It wasn't too much fun, but I did produce butter!

The other two pints I poured into the stand mixer with the metal whip. I started it off on medium speed (so it would not make such a mess) and then turned up the power once the cream started to froth up. While the mixer was going I used a rubber spatula to push down the sides. When the stiff peaks form, just let the mixer keep going. The whipped cream will eventually break down and you will see it start to turn a light yellow. Then it will start to look like what I call 'hotel-style scrambled eggs'. At this point, I switched out the metal whip for the paddle attachment, and turned the power down to low.

Shortly after, it happened! Liquid separated from the 'scrambled eggs' and then the paddle started to get caked with butter! I poured off the liquid (buttermilk) and then added water to the bowl to 'wash' the butter - you need to make sure you don't forget this step, otherwise it will go bad if you leave buttermilk in with the butter. I wrapped the bowl with a heavy towel and turn the mixed on low and let it slosh for a bit. Then I poured off the water and did it again, about 5 - 6 times, until the water ran clear. Then I pressed out the water and placed the butter back into the mixer bowl and added a touch of salt and whipped it on high for a few seconds to incorporate the salt. Nice and tasty. Next I scooped some of the butter into a glass container, and the rest I wrapped up in plastic wrap. Then, into the refrigerator to firm up. The bowl of liquid in the photos is the buttermilk!

Next, some yummy buttermilk waffles from the new issue of Cook's Illustrated magazine that just arrived yesterday!

WeightWatchers, you'll just have to weight! Ugh  :)


Jenny Bellairs said...

Donald, your description of making butter brought back some good memories. Years ago, we used to get our milk from the farmer down the road. I used to skim the cream off the milk and save it until I had enough to make butter. The Kitchen Aide made it so easy. The "mush" into a lump of butter happens so quickly! Sometimes I wish we still had neighbors with milking cows. Enjoy your butter.

WeaveThings said...

Hi Jenny - making the butter was a lot of fun. Also reminded me of being back in kindergarten where we made butter in class one day - but with a real butter churn. I'm glad I have the KitchenAid though :)

Vee said...

Wow, fantastic job with the butter! One day, while surfing the net, I came across the instructions for this process, shared it with a friend, made plans to actually try it, and that's as far as I got. Glad to see it really works.