Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Post From Canada

I love receiving packages in the mail. Especially when I know there is fiber inside!
CashSilk Lace

My SweetGeorgia Yarns order arrived today. Just in time for my birthday! There is plenty of fiber to spin and two nice skeins of CashSilk Lace yarn to play with. CashSilk is a super soft blend of 55% silk / 45% cashmere. I'm thinking a nice soft slinky scarf. I ordered the Logwood and Gunmetal colorways. I think they'll go nice together.

Also in the box - 3 packages of dyed spinning fiber. Two in a 50/50 merino/silk blend - colorway, Saffron. The other is a wonderful blend of 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo and 10% nylon, known as Panda. The colorway is Tulip - a mix of greens, pinks, browns and white. It's already a hit just sitting there in it's braided coil. Just wait until it's spun into yarn. I also have 2 other coils of Panda in another colorway from my trip to Vancouver in October. Spring is my spinning season - they'll be yarn very soon.

And then there's the undyed Panda. Pure white like snow. When dyed the bamboo doesn't take up the color, so it leaves shiny white streaks in the fiber. I'm not exactly sure what colors I'll use, but in the morning I leave for East Berlin, PA for my first spinning class at The Mannings Handweaving School. I'll look into the dyes while I'm there.

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