Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mohair For Kay

Here are the mohair scarves/shawls for Kay. They're quite huge. The blue ones are 21 inches wide - by 72' long. The pink/yellow ones were both supposed to be 18' wide by 72' long, but one came out being closer to 90' long. I know how it happened though, so I promise, it won't happen ever

This project was quite a challenge. I have never used mohair before. It's quite messy - it loves to grab hold of itself and does not like to let go. I had a few broken warp ends, but thank God they were just inches from the fell. I pinned them in place and when I took the scarves off of the loom I just took the long end and threaded it next to the short end and then took the short end (fringe side) out. Voila! No one will ever know. shhh...

I'm supposed to deliver them to her on Tuesday Dec 16th, along with three bamboo scarves for her husband. The warp is wound for the bamboo and I'm heading downstairs now to dress the loom and start weaving.

And here are a few pics of the bamboo scarves - they are all the same.

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Fran said...

Hi there,
those scarves are really lovely. I just love the colours. You did a great job on them. I'm sure the recipient was happy with them.