Friday, August 29, 2008


Earlier this summer I got some marigolds with the intention of planting them in the ground and nurturing them. Hey, I love to garden, but they never got out of their market packs - well, at least not the majority of them. I managed to get 6 in the ground...

Marigolds In The Ground

The rest stayed in their packs on the deck. As the flowers mature, I pick them off and place them in a zip-lock bag. Then freeze them. I plan to use them to dye some yarn later this year. I just have to do a lot more reading about it. Perhaps I should consult Felicia. She's a major dyer.

Marigolds In The Freezer Bag

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sweetgeorgia said...

Hey there Donald! Lovely marigolds!! I love the colour of marigold on yarn... maybe check out Rita Buchanan's book "A Dyer's Garden". There are some great ideas in there about dyeing with things from your garden. You might need a LOT of marigolds! :)